See and hear what our members say

Just over 12 months ago, we asked Neil to come in once a month to sit with the board and put together a plan to grow using his three business multipliers. Back then we were turning over £500,000.  At the time of writing we are now at £1.5million (£125,000 a month), and, most importantly, have significantly increased our profit margin.  Its been the best year in our company’s history.  Having Neil in to advise the board, not just on how to grow, but how to manage growth, has been invaluable.  Beyond his Business Growth System, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I would highly recommend him to any business with ambitious growth aspirations.

Marcus Hemsley, Director, Fountain Partnership

Like any small business owner, I often struggle to make the time to work onmy business as well as init. Thanks to the accountability challenge, I was able to ensure that every day I made progress on tasks that would help me grow and develop my offer.

In the first month alone, I managed to rewrite my entire website and populate my blog with fresh content – jobs I’d been putting off for ages. It was fantastic to know that while I was working on this, I could throw out questions to the group, and the support and feedback I received from Neil and my group was wonderful. By the end of the month, I’d make great progress, conquered my to-do list and felt great about my achievements. If you struggle to focus and find time to do those kind of tasks, the accountability challenge is an excellent solution. I highly recommend it.

Kate White, Front Page Media

It was really good for me to take part in the BGC pilot accountability programme; it helped to install in an airhead like me focus and discipline. I found it particularly useful to tackle and work on tasks that I kept putting of like business planning, but at the same time tasks that I like doing but wouldn’t usually find the time for.

The community was very supportive not only in business matters but also on a personal front, which can affect productivity. I picked up so many tips and ideas not only from Neil but also from the other members, whom I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to.

I found the system addictive and habit forming that I would strongly recommend, for many other reasons too.

I am up for the next session in January; how about you?

Ola, Just Another Label, Blo Norton

I’ve really been surprised how Neil’s daily accountability club has allowed me to focus a short amount of time each day on tackling those activities that I knew I needed to implement or accomplish but I’d been putting off (in some cases for many months) for lack time. By making some simple but steady changes, it has focused me into taking action and surprisingly, given me time into building my business.

Brilliant, it’s fun, productive and I can really recommend

Lorna Burroughes – Thrive

I had mixed feelings when Neil mentioned the 4 week test pilot, for BGC members around procrastination and accountability.

Like most small businesses we were juggling plates and not always focussing on the urgent and important areas of our business.

So glad I signed up, one of my problems was making use of the resources available as part of my BGC membership – the workbooks and video.

This exercise has just confirmed how important they are in working on your business and not in it. A lot of psychology, science and research has gone into this initiative, for me it really did work on so many levels.

The accountability from Neil, the support from the group, not wanting to let the team down, the advice, encouragement and suggestions posted up, depending on your personality, it even has a slightly competitive nature. The satisfaction that you see, when you’re making progress towards the goals you’ve set, no matter how small.

My Advice…pick something that takes between 10/20 mins, and try and work on it at the same time every day and really engage with the group.

Would highly recommend, I’m definitely signing up to this on an ongoing programme, plenty more BGC workbooks/video to get through!

Floyd Sayers, Flomotion, Norwich

I wanted to take a few minutes let you how thankful I am for what the accountability programme has helped me achieve. I make no secret of the fact both you and the Business Growth Club have been a huge help to me however the accountability programme you run has taken this to a whole new level.

When you first introduced me to the idea of agreeing to do short sharp bursts of work to achieve larger goals I will admit I was a bit like “ah that’s a nice idea, in theory”. I could not imagine how much could be achieved in as little as 15-30 minutes.

I shall not write down all the things I did on a daily basis thanks to the accountability programme. People reading this need to find that out for themselves. What I will say is the following five months ago:

  • I had not read a book cover to cover since I left school.
  • I lacked focus on the small day to day tasks (I found them very easy NOT to do)
  • I did little to no daily exercise (other than the odd round of golf)
  • I thought of myself as ‘not very good at sales’
  • I had not completed more than 33% of module 1 of the Business Growth Club Workbook
  • As well as a few other things

Five months on I have:

  • Read seven books. Not just any books. Five life changing books (Neil’s top 5 must reads) plus another two books linked to these.
  •  have implemented loads of the learning I gained from these books.
  • I now continue to read at least a chapter of business/life relevant book EVERY day
  • Daily exercises have become a habit
  • Daily good eating has become a habit
  • Found that I can now avoid taking the easy option to NOT do things
  • Completed and actioned 7 BGC Modules
  • Produced a huge amount of information on all the services I provide
  • Reviewed my pricing structure with immediate results
  • Implemented some of the excellent take aways I got from Matt Sykes, Sales Training
  • There’s more but I almost feel like I’m bragging.

I could not be more pleased with myself and all the above was/is relevant to what I needed to do for my business. NONE of the above involved me spending more than 30 minutes at any time. I would guess that I’ve achieved all the above in 24 weeks (mostly Monday to Friday).

Especially in the early weeks the only reason this all happened was due to the accountability programme. Every day you log in to report what you’ve done in your ‘short burst’. There are up to 12 other people on the programme all reporting back as well. You can all read each other’s progress and comment on it. Some people offer words of encouragement. Some people offer suggestions for tackling issues. Ever present is Neil with his helpful suggestions or polite enquiries as to why you’ve not shown up today.

Within a month I and a few other accountability masters, Kyle Brooks of Brooks Personal Training, were smashing it. I don’t think Kyle, myself and few other ‘good eggs’ are exceptional in any way. All we did (and still do) was make up to 30 minutes a day available to commit to a task.

I can only speak for myself and comment on what I observed from others however the things we achieved in this short time have blown my mind. There is:

  • NO WAY I could see me reading all of Neil’s book recommendations (plus two more).
  • No way I could discipline myself to watch the BGC modules, complete the workbooks AND implement the actions.
  • No way I could ‘review’ my current offering and change it

Yet here I am. *Spoiler Alert* one of the books I read was The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Now I’m not sure if reading this made the whole process easier however if anyone is doubting the benefit of this my recommendation is use the first month of the accountability programme to read The Slight Edge. When you have you’ll understand what I mean by making sure you don’t become one of the 95%…

To quote the front cover of The Slight Edge ‘Turning Simple Disciplines INTO Massive Success & Happiness’.

Oliver Hill, Hill Coaching Company